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Our product line is distributed by Authorized Trainers, Mentors, and retailers, to include most of the USA based Handwriting University 's entire line of DVD/ books/ CDS and home study courses.

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Handwriting Analysis Starter Kit
(Level 101)

(100% Online)

  • Learn handwriting analysis from your computer via our new membership site
  • The entire 101 book (PDF)
  • 5 MOV file streaming seminar clips
  • Downloadable emotional gauge
  • 101 audio book (3 hours)
  • Digital version of the Grapho-Deck


Online Interactive Trait Dictionary
(Level 201)

(100% Online)

99 Traits with full audio descriptions and graphical examples (with bonus videos). For current active members who also already own the Level 101 course or have similar training.

Just Some of the Traits covered: aggressiveness, analytical thinker, blind persistence, blunt / frankness, cautious, defiance, deliberateness, desire for attention, desire for culture, desire for responsibility, desire to be different, determination, diplomacy, dominant, domineering, dreamer, dual personality, enthusiasm, exaggeration, exclusiveness, fear of intimacy, fear of success, fluidity of thought, irritability, jealousy, low self-esteem, loyalty, narrow minded, paranoia, pathological liar, perfectionist, persistence, philosophically closed, procrastination resentment / anger, sarcasm, self-confidence / ego, self-conscious self-control, sense of humor, sensitive to criticism, sexual imagination, shallow thinker, strong physical drive, stubborn, talkative, teenage y, temper, willpower, and so much more (all emotional slants in handwriting are covered).


Standard Certification Home Study Course (Level 301)

Everything you need to prepare for your certification.

Levels 101 and 301 hard copy items shown in photo. Level 201 is all on-line and a bonus for new students. If you own levels 101, you can purchase Level 301 Certification seperately, either in hard copy or all online.

This level contains, Change Your Life in 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook for Kids, Change Your Life in 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook for Adults, 21 tests for certification, Relationship book, Rich and Happy Book, seminar videos on DVD, and audio CDS, on-line access to 16 hours of training, tele-classes, access to online library, and complete tests and certification upon passing your tests... and much more!

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