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Who uses handwriting analysis?

  • Anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of themselves and others: It helps gain a better understanding of themselves and often incorporate aspects of grapho-therapy to change unwanted and not-so-pleassant traits. Knowing oneself and improving one’s negatives could be one of the biggest advantages of Handwriting Analysis. It acts like a mirror where one’s thought patterns are revealed.
  • Single people to aid in the selection of compatible partners.

While courting, partners always put their best foot forward, it’s like a fairy tale picture but after marriage things can get quite different which neither partner may have visualized. Handwriting Analysis can assist in giving the true the picture of your  partner and can aid you in making your decisions.

  • Couples to improve current relationships through better understanding and communication.

For those fortunate/unfortunate mortals who have taken the plunge, help is on its way. Through Handwriting Analysis one can better understand his/her spouse thereby leading to more a fulfilling realtionship.

Child Development:

Due to a competitive world, at times parents unknowingly impose themselves upon the child without giving any consideration to the child’s wants and desires. Handwriting Analysis helps parents understand their teens.

  • All people of all ages in the work force for career counseling.

With an increasing number of parents pressurizing kids to take up courses that may not be on the same lines as the child’s interests, teens are becoming more and more stressed with the kind of jobs they should take up. Add to the fact that the kinds of demanding job profiles with specific skill sets are now on the rise, Handwriting Analysis can help in analyzing the interests of the person and to an extent, the kind of job profiles that would suit his/her personality.

  • Employers for personnel selection.

Consider a situation where a person is being appointed for a high level position. Academically excellent, he may be impractical and may lack the ability to make critical decisions and this can be detected with the help of Handwriting Analysis. It is also possible to identify the strengths/weaknesses of people and give them jobs according to their efficiency. For eg: An extrovert with great communication skills can be given the marketing field where he loves meeting people and can express himself clearly. At the same time, an introvert could be hired in the planning department. Thus, Handwriting Analysis can help employers and the employees work in co-ordination to the best of their abilities thereby resulting in less friction/problems, more productivity and better progress by optimum utilization of human resources.

  • The courts for forgery and questioned documents.

Handwriting Analysis can assist in solving crimes related to forgery, check frauds, credit card thefts of wherever handwriting comes into question. It can play a vital role in pinpointing the real culprit by analyzing his/her writing, script and signature.

  • Psychologists for personality evaluation and therapy.

An increasing number of tools are used for psychological profiling. Handwriting Analysis has usually an 85-95% accuracy level. With this additional tool, psychologists can personalities to a more accurate level and use counseling and other therapies like Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line, etc to solve their client’s/patient’s problems.