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Test your SELF ESTEEM! 

The letter t reveals your ambition, goals, and how much crap you are willing to take before you get out of a bad relationship. 

Take a look at the lower case letter t in your own handwriting and the writing of the people around you. The lower the cross of the t-bar, they lower their own "self-image" really is. Research shows that people with low t-bars stay in bad relationships and bad jobs way too long.

If the t-stem is very tall and the cross bar is very low, this indicates someone who has lots of pride & dignity, but inside has many doubts of their own ability. These people may surprise you with their lack of self-worth, because they may even be arrogant as a defense mechanism. 

Low Self Esteem

On the other hand, people with high crossed t-bars tend to set higher goals, make more money, have better relationships, and are generally happier. So, where are you going to cross your t-bar from now on?  

 High Self Esteem


The size of your signature will add or detract from your feelings of self-worth, because the bigger your signature, the more powerful your ego is. A tiny first letter in a signature is a weak sign, much like the low-crossed t-bar. An over inflated first letter is often too attention seeking. But, in general, the bigger the first letter in your name, the more powerful you think you are, and that's not always a bad thing. 

This is one of the important traits a handwriting analyst will see in your handwriting..

And now that you know which stroke signifies which trait…

like Bart says… keep those t – bars high! 

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