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Self-Consciousness - Who's Watching You

Self-Consciousness When one is feeling self-conscious, one becomes aware of even the smallest of one's own actions. Such awareness can impair one's ability to perform complex actions. For example, a piano player may "choke," lose confidence, and even lose the ability to perform the moment they notice the audience. As self-consciousness fades one may regain the ability to "lose one's self." A person especially prone to self-consciousness may be labeled shy or introverted.

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Self Concious

Self-consciousness is a fear of ridicule by others. Self-conscious people will frequently exhibit shyness in crowds, a reluctance to be in the spotlight, or fear of talking to strangers. Traits such as "pride" and "sensitivity to criticism" will increase the trait of self-consciousness. It seems heavy doses of alcoholic beverages reduce self-consciousness. :)