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Stubbornness and Sensitivity to Criticism...

Are you stubborn or sensitive to criticism...maybe even both? These are two personality traits you may want to consider changing using a technique called graphotherapy. Listen to this lesson from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Course as Bart and Curt Baggett discuss the definition of these two traits and how they can hinder your life and your happiness.

Think it's okay to be stubborn? Not when you want to understand someone else's point of view. Take a look at the graphodeck card for stubbornness....

Do you have this trait in your handwriting?

What about sensitivity to criticism? Wouldn't it be liberating to no longer worry about what other people say or think? Besides...it's not your business what other people think!

Check your handwriting for loops in your lower case d and t....

Now....listen to what Bart and Curt have to say and find out more about these two important traits. You may even recognize the need to adjust your own handwriting....

Listen Bart Bagget Speak about:"Stubbornness and Sensitivity to Criticism"


If you're new to handwriting you'll be inspired by how much impact you can have on your own and other people's lives with your skills as a handwriting analyst.

Amazing, isn't it?

But can handwriting analysis be this accurate...all the time?

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