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Dear Indian Readers,

A lot has been happening from the Authorized Trainer's accross India and Asia. You are already aware of the global success of the world’s #1 handwriting analysis website founded by the famous American Bart Baggett (photo above.)

Our team has been working for years to create something exclusive for our Indian students so you can benefit from the 20 years of experience from our American partners at Handwriting University International.

The results will excite you, support you, and ultimately change your life and perhaps your career! 

The first big announcement is the sucess of the world's #1 online handwriting analysis self-test: www.HandwritingWizard.com . This is the USA version and has had over 400,000 thrilled users .

This unique Computer Guru will analyze your handwriting and tell you about your personality. Just click and you have your FREE report emailed to you... all in a matter of minutes.  Please take a few moments and take the test, then share it with at least five of your friends.  You will be amazed.

Some of the USA’s best selling handwriting products are now avaialable in Indian Rupees. You simply need to contact a local Authorized trainer and get some personal training or attend an upcoming live event.

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We are working diligently to provide the world’s best education in graphology, graphotherapy, and self-improvement tools for the Indian market (you).  So, as we launch these new services, don’t hesitate to write me personally and offer suggestions. 

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